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Welcome to This is primarily a Norwegian website, but we hope it is useful to English speaking visitors as well.

Oslo S (Oslo Central Station) is Oslos main rail station. It is the busiest station in Norway. The station have three main buildings, all interconnected. The main station, Flytogterminalen (towards the sea front) and Østbanehallen (the oldest part, newly refubished, with entrance towards Karl Johans gate).

Opening hours:

The station (regardless of holidays): Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station from 03:45 – 01:30. Østbanehallen 04:30 – 01:30

The shops and restaurants: Oslo S Shopping from 09:00 – 21:00 (18:00) / Østbanehallen have different opening hours, look here

These are the main hours: Shops and restaurants can have opening hours that exceeds this.

There are several shops and restaurants open to customers. For more information about available shops, please check under “Shopping/ Service” in the menu on top of this web page. For information about restaurants, go to “spise” (eating) in the main menu on top of this web page. Østbanehallen is a food court with many restaurants and a hotel. Go to for more details.

Toilets and baby changing facilities:

You need 20 NOK for the automatic door. To see location on map; Choose “Praktisk Info” at the top menu. On the map that appears, look for the icon with a man and a woman.

Lockers and storage at Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station:

Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station have storage lockers that are available between 04:30 -01:10 all days. The station is closed from 01:10 – 04:30. Although you can have your belongings in the lockers at all hours, you cannot get to the lockers when the station is closed.

Lockers are paid for with Visa- or Mastercard, or cash.

Left luggage can be collected at the Left Luggage office (in the Lockers and Storage hall).

To find the office on the map on the website; Choose “Praktisk Info” at the top menu. On the map that appears, look for “Oppbevaring” and the icon of a suitcase.

Left Luggage Facility at Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station:

The Left Luggage Office is open Monday to Friday 08:00 – 16:45.

Closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

You will find the office in the Lockers and Storage Hall.

To find the office on the map on the website; Choose “Praktisk Info” at the top menu. On the map that appears, look for “Hittegods” and the icon of a suitcase with a question mark.

Lifts and Disabled Access

Lifts are marked on the Oslo S map, but nott all. There are plenty of lifts, and getting around with baby carriage, luggage or wheelchair should be fairly easy. Trollys for luggage can found all around the station. Please ask the shops around when you are at the station if you are uncertain where the closes lift is. They should know.

Transportation to- and from Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station:

Taxi can be found outside Flytogterminalen towards the seaside, or outside Byporten Shoppingcenter.

The Bus Terminal is situated in Galleri Oslo. Phone no: 0047 23 00 24 00. Use the north entrance (towards Oslo City and Byporten Shoppingcenter). Cross the bridge and walk through the long corridor in Galleri Oslo. At the end you will find the Bus Termial. More info:

There are 19 train tracks (marked 1 – 19 ), all accessible directly from the station. The ticket office for NSB trains is open Monday- Friday 06:00- 23:15, Saturday  10:00 – 18:00, and Sunday 12:00-23:15. Opening hours can be changed during holidays and summertime. There are ticket machines in the main hall. These can be used all the time the station is open. More information about tickets can be found on NSB’s website

Jernbanetorget tube station is situated between Oslo S/ Oslo Central Station and Oslo City. Walk towards the northern entrance and take the automatic stairs down two floors.

Trams (tube above ground) can be found outside towards Karl Johan and Oslo City. For more information go to

The Airport Express Train (Flytoget) runs to/from Oslo Airport – Gardermoen at least every 20th minute. It is a high-speed train which brings the passengers to and from Oslo Airport – Gardermoen, with Drammen being the end station on the West side. Tickets can be purchased at Flytogterminalen. The train runs from track 14 and 15. To find the tracks on the map on the website; Choose “Praktisk Info” at the top menu. On the map that appears, look at the trains and the find number 14 and 15 as platform/train number two counting from right to left. For more information go to