Til hovedinnhold

The entrance is from the Flytog terminal towards Østbanehallen, or the escalator by Deli de Luca.


Size and prices of the storage boxes

Size Price per hour Maximum price per 24 hours Maximum price per week
Small 29,- 129,- 387,-
Medium 39,- 189,- 567,-
Large 69,- 299,- 897,-
Skis 69,- 299,- 897,-

  • All prices are in Norwegian kroner.
  • The first hour needs to be paid upfront.
  • The remaining amount is paid out when the box is opened.
  • Payment for the storage boxes is by card (Visa and Mastercard).
NB! The prices apply per day, and up to 7 days. If you need more time than this, you must contact the storage customer service.


Small box:
Depth 71, 8 cm
Width 36,9 cm
Height 65 cm

Medium box:
Depth 84, cm
Width 56,7 cm
Height 65 cm

Large box:
Depth 84,7 cm
Width 57 cm
Height 96,9 cm

There is a lock box when opening the boxes. This is not included in the measurements.