Til hovedinnhold


Train tickets for all routes in Norway can be bought at Entur’s ticket machines at the station or in their manned ticket office during opening hours. You will find the ticket office between tracks 8 and 9 in the Main Hall. Otherwise, you can buy tickets for all train journeys in Norway at Entur.no and in the Entur app.

  • You can also purchase train tickets for the whole of Norway on Vy.no and in the Vy app: Buy tickets.
  • Go-Ahead sells train tickets for Sørlandsbanen and associated sections: Buy tickets.
  • SJ Norge does not sell train tickets. Use Entur: Buy a tickets.

In addition to selling tickets, Entur’s customer service is helpful in answering questions about all train journeys in Norway: Jernbanen’s customer service.

For public holidays and periods with reduced opening hours, see Entur.no: Opening hours at serviced stations.


Tickets for Flytoget

With the Flytog app, you can see departures in real time and buy your ticket directly, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time on the platform before the train leaves. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

You can also travel “ticketless” with Flytoget. Just swipe your credit card in the card reader at the station before boarding. Once you arrive at Oslo Airport, swipe the same card again to pass the barriers.

Paper tickets can be bought in Flytoget’s ticket machines which are found at all stations, also in the arrival halls at Oslo Airport. The machines accept both card and cash payments.

More information about tickets and conditions can be found at Flytoget.no: Tickets and prices.